Prevention is Key!

The good news is there are simple affordable steps that can help your chances of safely and quickly recovering a lost pet with some basic prevention techniques.

Here is what to do:

1- Buy a collar and add an engraved Identification Tag to it then and then fasten it on your pet! (include at a minimum your phone number and name, and ideally your home street address also.) Phone numbers frequently change and several other people may have your same name, but your home address is the most likely to remain the same and tells the finder where to return the animal without having to involve animal control or the pound, avoiding tickets, loss via adoption, and euthanasia. Custom Identification Tags can be purchased via an ID tag vending machine at Walmart in North Logan and PetsMart in Logan for under $8 and thru mail order via most vets, or online sources.

2- Pay your city's dog licensing fees and put the accompanying dog license tag on your pets collar, preferably using a different attatchment ring and better yet a different attachment point on the collar if possible in case on tag breaks off the other might stay on if it has a different ring and connection spot to the collar. The best and strongest method is to rivet one of the ID tags directly to the collar avoiding the weakest link which is the connection ring between the tag and the collar. An animal control officers first method of tracing the pet to the owner is often this serialized city licensing tag, it also conveys the idea that you are a responsible and taxpaying pet owner which can't hurt!

3- Have your Vet implant with an under the skin identification microchip: in case the collar and/or the tags fall off, or someone steals your pet! These are locally available at your local vet or at the Cache Humane Society ($35). For detailed info on how the micro chips work go here: Also after implantation be sure to mail in your payment with the filled out info packet that comes with the microchip to be sure your contact info is added to the Avid database, otherwise the microchip will just give off a number that doesn't reference to your contact info!

4- Keep your pet on a leash, or in your home or in a secure kennel, a loose dog is soon to be lost dog, impounded dog, or injured dog. We know you can't always prevent your pet from escaping, thus the tagging, micro chipping and effective searching is key!

This site is making a good faith effort to help lost pets, however use this site and it's info and advice at your own risk!