I found someones pet!

The owners are likely overcome with worry, and likely frantically searching for their pet.

Here is what to do:

1- Call and report your find to the local Cache Humane Society, local shelters and any temporary holding facilities like local vets and impounds (see contact list below). If they have a description and your contact info they can relay that info to the owner when the owner starts making calls to these same locations looking for their pet.

If you want to be a proactive saint you can make up a 'found flyer' with your contact info and drop them off at Cache Humane Society, vets that board strays, animal control officers & impounds, and local police stations.

{now the controversial advice: an argument could be made that animal control and even the humane society might not be the place to take the found animal in the short run, as the animals count down to euthanization starts upon turning the lost animal over to animal control, also expensive tickets might be issued to the pet owner for "animal at large" , and as recent events have proven strays can end up dead in the "system's care" before an owner can be located. (examples "Lola" yellow lab in Smithfield -animal control left to die forgotten in a hot cage-, and "Whitey" the Great Pyrenees from the south valley area -Cache Humane Society lethal injected within hours of receiving due to health concerns-) consider keeping the animal in your care for a few days if possible thus buying more time for the animal to be found before entering the over burdened "system"} Keep in mind also that when a cities animal control drops off an animal to a shelter that city gets a boarding bill for each animal it turns over. This fee is a financial disincentive for animal control to bring animals to the shelter/impound to begin with, this leading to aligations/rumors of stray animals being killed via unacceptable means rather than reaching a shelter.  

In defense of the "system" a simple $5 identification tag on these two animal would allowed quick contact with the owners and likely thus saved the dogs lives! A microchip is also strongly recommended as a backup form of identification as tags and collar can fall off!

2- Post a sign(s) near where you found the pet with a basic description and your contact phone number (leave out some details so you can confirm the caller really is the owner and not just wanting a free pet) The pets owner will likely be searching the area and will likely see your sign!

3- Post your find here on this site and other lost and found sites, like your local papers classifieds or online classifieds under the "lost & found" section.

The Herald Journal's classifieds and online classifieds under 'Lost & Found' http://news.hjnews.com/app/classifieds/notices/?c=40d

Cache Valley Daily online classifieds under 'Lost & Found' http://cachevalleydaily.kaango.com/browse/pets-animals/lost-found/1322

KSL Classifieds 'Lost & Found' http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=231&cat=465&category=104

4- Once the pet is reunited with its owner remove all the signage and inform the people you reported the find to that the pet has been reunited with their owners. This will help keep the lost & found postings up to date and relevant. Please also remove your online 'found postings'.

Local Animal Control Contacts

This site is making a good faith effort to help lost pets, however use this site and it's info and advice at your own risk!