Lost and Found Pets.org is a free site dedicated to helping you navigate the emotional and complex process of recovering your lost pet.

   This is the only dedicated Cache Valley focused website that lets you post your own lost & found pet listings! 

    You want your pet back home safely and as quickly as possible and we are here to help!

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- Our Vision - 

-We envision this site as a consolidating, time saving, and effective resource to help pet owners in Cache Valley to reunite with their lost animals.   

-We envision pet owners whom have lost a pet to be able to quickly and easily list their lost animal's information on this site as well as getting helpful tips on recovering their pet.

-We also envision all animal control officers, animal shelters, and citizens throughout Cache Valley immediately posting found listings for each and every animal they collect in an effort to facilitate a prompt and safe return of animals to their owners.

- We envision reducing the number of pets lost through educating the public about loss prevention techniques and thus increasing the use thereof.

-We envision all these efforts bringing our lost pets home and thus reducing the number of animals in crowded shelters and reducing the number of animals that are unnecessarily euthanized.

Why this site was created

    This website's creation was inspired and motivated by personal and widespread public frustrations as each city has its own animal policies, and often it's own impound procedures and locations creating a massively fragmented, hard to navigate, and confusing Cache Valley animal control landscape. This site is offerred as a solution and a navigational aide.

   This site's goal is to unify all relevant information on this site, to facilitate the quick and safe recovery of lost pets in Cache Valley! When a pet goes missing, minutes and hours can make the difference between a safe recovery or a tragic loss.

   Please collar your pet with identification tags and get them implanted with a under the skin microchip to aide in their quick and safe return home.

   Please support this sites efforts so we can save our pets and get them back home safely!

   We offer a special thanks to the Cache Humane Society and our local animal control officers for their hard work! Thanks also to all those who volunteer their time and energy to help animals.


If you want to help insure this sites future help spread the word about it, and encourage your local animal control agencies to post the animals they pick up here on our lost and found list!

This site is making a good faith effort to help lost pets, however use this site and it's info and advice at your own risk!

If you have any questions or comments email Bracken Berger at: admin@lostandfoundpets.org